South Carolina X-ray Safety Course and Exam

FOR DENTAL ASSISTANTS: Take the course and exam online.

This South Carolina LLR & Board-compliant X-ray Certification exam is for dental assistants with a dentist to sign-off their x-ray abilities. You must pass the exam, fulfilling mandates set forth by the Board of Dentistry. You then receive your Certificate of Completion by email.

To register a dental assistant to take the ONLINE course & exam, complete the below to process the registration fee:

  1. Complete the below boxes and click the "Pay Now" button.
  2. On the next screen select "Pay with Debit or Credit Card."
  3. The fee is just $159.00. You MUST include the registrant's S.C. dentist's name.

Your credentials will be approved & emailed to you within a few hours.

Dental Ass't Name:
S.C. Dentist Name:
Radiation Safety Certification is required for anyone taking x-rays in a South Carolina dental office. If your certification is from another state, you still need to take this exam to become S.C. radiation safety certified. If you are already working for a S.C. or if you have a dentist who will sign off for you, you may register for our course. You return here to log in, complete the exercises, and then take the final exam. Your Certificate of Completion will then be emailed to you.

*Regarding the question "Does this course satisfy South Carolina Law?"

In 2005, the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (LLR) formally recognized our structured course, citing in a letter: "If your course is developed and/or endorsed by organizations and agencies such as the ADA, AGD, CERP, dental colleges or schools accredited by the American Dental Association, etc., then your course is accepted in S.C.

South Carolina LLR Chapter 39-16 regulation states the following:

The South Carolina Board of Dentistry says "Structured courses that are Board-approved are given by American Dental Association (ADA)-accredited schools and their constituents," among others. This course was developed by intelliDENT solutions, inc., a constituent of the American Dental Association as an ADA Recognized Provider of Continuing Education (CERP) and documented at

intelliDENT solutions, inc. is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry. C.E. credits are not awarded for this course.

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