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  1. Which course do I need? In any healthcare role you must complete the Medical, Veterinary, or Dental Course. If you operate an x-ray machine in a NON-healthcare industry like food handling, airport baggage inspection, etc. then you just need the NON-Healthcare Course.
  2. Why should I take YOUR course? Our State-recognized online x-ray safety certification is fresh and up-to-date -- unlike DVDs that are soon out-of-date! This course is produced by Dr. Rick Waters who has taught thousands of x-ray machine operators. The material is specially designed to be easy to complete. PLUS, we give you unlimited access and FREE refresher access for life. No one offers you that... Finally, we offer the option of a beautiful gold foil parchment Certificate of Completion suitable for framing.
  3. Is the course timed? Better than that... You start and stop, come and go, work at your own pace. Take as long as you like. We want you to enjoy and learn -- not be stressed out!
  4. Who can be certified by this course? IN GEORGIA: Dental, Medical, and Veterinary Assistants. Plus, industrial x-ray machine operators. IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Dental Assistants only... Order your S.C. course HERE.
  5. Why do I have to take this course? It's the LAW...
  6. Is this State-approved? Yes... This course 100% fulfills your State's requirements to operate an x-ray machine. Call your state's dental or medical association to verify, if needed. This course is facilitated by intelliDENT solutions, inc. -- a CERP Recognized Provider of Continuing Education by The American Dental Association (see link for verification).
  7. Is this a classroom course? Even better... The course is taught using memorable entertaining video lectures that help you learn. There are also reading assignments, a post-assessment (optional in Georgia, required in South Carolina), and several helpful short videos. You can take the course at your own pace.
  8. Do I have to start right away? You can begin whenever you want and take as long as you need. You have 24/7 access to come and go! Remember, 04(2)(a)2. says you should begin the course within 30 days after employment and complete it no later than 90 days after employment and that x-ray machines should be "operated only by individuals instructed in safe operating procedures." 
  9. Will I get a Certificate of Completion? YES! Law requires providing it upon request by site inspectors. Your Certificate of Completion is emailed to you the day you register and pay for your course; if you select the paper Certificate option, it is mailed the next day.
  10. Where is my Certificate? See http://georgiaxray-com.doodlekit.com/home/certificates_of_completion
  11. Can just anyone take this course? YES! While anyone who operates an x-ray machine (i.e., dental assistants, nurses, and medical assistants, etc) must complete safety training (i.e., six hours in the "healing arts"), people interested in working in healthcare can take this course before getting hired. It makes them a more attractive job prospect. NO PRIOR TRAINING, EDUCATION, OR SKILLS ARE REQUIRED.
  12. How often do x-ray machine operators have to take this course? State law requires this course be completed just one time. If you lose your Certificate you may have to repeat it, so take care of your Certificate of Completion as if it were a passport, etc.
  13. What is the cost? The one-time cost is just $119 per course registrant. Your Certification has no expiration date and can be used from job-to-job anywhere in your state.
  14. Can I complete it over a period of days or weeks? YES! You can log in and log out as much as you like. We provide a convenient checklist for you to print out and use to keep track of what you've accomplished.
  15. How long do I have to complete the course? You have as long as needed to complete all of the assignments, but remember that state law recommends starting the training within 30 days of hire and finishing it within 90 days.
  16. Does this course cover what State law requires? YES! We've taught this material since 1997 to thousands of x-ray machine operators. The material covered is exactly what State law requires.
  17. Do I need anything special to take the course? Just a computer with high-speed access to the Internet.
  18. Can I get help during the course, if needed? YES...We are available by phone or email 24/7 during the course. Contact information is included in the course site and is visible and available to registered users after logging in.
  19. Is there a mandatory exam? "Yes" in South Carolina by law. In Georgia it is optional.
  20. I am out-of-state and moving into your state. Can I transfer my current Certification? We get asked this often. The answer is "MAYBE" ... But a firm "YES" ONLY if your Certification comes by graduating from a year-long ADA CODA-approved formal dental assisting program, or explicitly states that you completed six hours of radiation safety training. Keep in mind that most dentists are not aware of this and may still insist you have your state's x-ray safety certification. Most transferees elect to do our course simply to avoid risking not getting hired! See what your State requirements were and compare them to here by going to http://www.danb.org/en/Meet-State-Requirements.aspx.
  21. I need to fill in the name on my Certificate. If your Certificate was not pre-filled with your name, you can download this WORD DOCUMENT that is formatted to place your name on the Certificate exactly in the correct place. Be sure to test it with a blank sheet of paper first to make certain the Certificate is oriented properly in the printer and not upside down!
  22. Will I need an update? Not yet. But The National Council on Radiation Protection (NCRP) is making changes that will eventually add some new content AND may require everyone in an office that using x-ray to complete some radiation safety training by 2017.
  23. Will this course wok on a Mac computer? See this page: http://georgiaxray-com.doodlekit.com/home/mac-or-windows
  24. Still have a question? EMAIL Dr. Waters at drh20s@gmail.com...
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