Certificates of Completion

Upon an individual registering at the full $119 rate, a Certificate of Completion is prepared in your name and signed by Dr. Waters. 

It is then mailed to the address used when remitting the course tuition. The Registrant countersigns the Certificate, affirming completion of all of the required materials, which validates the Certificate.

Occasionally a course user fails to receive a Certificate in the mail, usually because the employer possesses a "Group License" to use this site. In this case the employer issues the Certificate of Completion.

So, if you received an email from us with specific instructions from us on where and how to log in, then your Certificate was mailed the day of registration and payment.

If you have any questions or are not sure, feel free to EMAIL US and we will let you know how you stand. Thank you for using our service!

Order a replacement Certificate below. The fee is $35.00. If we cannot verify a record of your having taken the course we will refund your $35.00 in full. By ordering you affirm, under penalty of perjury, that you completed the six-hour x-ray safety course... 

Select Type of Certification
Name & date course taken
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